Photo wallet

Photo Wallet app is designed to easily organise your photos on your Android mobile.
Photos can be easily added or removed from the Album.
When you create an album duplicate copy of the photos are not created, it just refers to the selected pictures. Deleting a photo from the album just removes the reference to it leaving the picture in gallery undisturbed. This way it helps you to save memory.
Photo wallet includes interesting features which helps you to cherish your sweet memories.

* Easy creation and deletion of Albums to organise photos
* Automatically scans all the folders in the device and lists all the photos
* Photos can be easily added and removed from any Album. User can also click photo through camera and add it instantaneously to the photo album.
* Includes a cool feature which allows the user to view the getagged photos in the album on google map.
* Collage feature, which automatically creates a collage of the photos in an Album. The collage can also be saved as a separate photo in SD card.
* Image preview and Slide Show.

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